Kiddie Via Ferrata 1/2 Day

From 34.00 per person

A via ferrata with lower holds for small people on a dramatic cliff face! Head for heights required! Perfect for adventurous families with 7 – 12 year olds.

Sold By: Bernard Guillaume

Location of Via Ferrata:

Activity Description:

Via ferratas were invented by the Italians to get their troops over steep mountain-sides quickly and safely and now thy are a sport in their own right. Following a course of metal ladders and hand holds with over a steep rock face, via ferratas are a definite challenge and you need a head for heights!

This is an excellent via ferrata built especially for small people! The kiddie via ferrata is suitable for children from 7 years of age with holds at lower levels than adult via ferratas.

Beware though, just because it is fine for 7 year olds does not mean it is easy for adults! You still need a head for heights and the holds are not necessarily in the best place for big people. This makes it a great activity to do all together as a family. Parents, you will just have to keep a brave face for your children!

Meeting Place: Lay by at entrance to Gorges d’Agnielles

Geo-Coordinates:  Longitude: 5.7671259912002  Latitude: 44.55635932560736

Minimum Age

Fitness Level

Skill Level


No previous experience is needed but a head for heights is a must! It is not easy to turn back once started without affecting the rest of the group and is only done in an emergency situation so children need to be mature enough to commit to the activity.

What to Wear:

Dress according to the weather layers wise but make sure your clothes are stretchy enough to allow you to move freely. Wear trainers for feet. You will be given a harness to wear so skirts and dresses are not suitable. You will be given a helmet to wear. Long hair must be tied back.

What to Bring:

Bring a small day sack with water and snacks and sun cream and fingerless bike gloves (good for holding wires)

Equipment Provided:

A via ferrata harness and helmet are provided as well as safety ropes and equipment.


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