Rouannette Canyon (3-4 Hours)

48.00 per person

Negotiate your way down a spectacular canyon, jumping sliding and tobogganing. Great fun for all levels.

Sold By: Bernard Guillaume

Canyon Location

Activity Description:

This is a long canyon with lots of interesting rocky obstacles to negotiate including several abseils, jumps and toboggans.

Some of the jumps require quite precise landing which adds to the challenge but most jumps can be avoided by being lowered or abseiling if you are uncomfortable with jumping.

At the end there is a dramatic waterfall and a fantastic natural water toboggan slide to abseil down!

This canyon does have a reputation for cold water, which is lovely and refreshing on a hot summer day but a little chilly on colder days!

MEETING PLACE: Ancelle Rouannette Parking


There are two bridges crossing the river in Ancelle. The bridge furthest east has a car park opposite it with recycling bins. From this bridge with the village to your left behind you and parking area in front of you turn left and follow the houses round to your right.

There is a small track turning off on your right after about 50 metres with a wooden sign marked Rouanne. Take this. It turns into an off piste track that winds its way up the mountain. Follow this for about 3km. Allow 15 – 20 mins for this 3km drive over rough terrain. A normal car is fine if you drive slowly. At the end is a grassy car park which is where you guide will meet you.


Minimum Age

Fitness Level

Skill Level


All participants must be aged 12 or over, able to swim 25m and be comfortable putting their heads under water.

What to Wear:

Swimming costume, Trainers that can get wet, have a good grip and will protect your feet., Neoprene boat shoes are not suitable., If you wear contact lenses, you may want to have a pair of goggles to hand for when you jump into pools but this is not a requirement!, You will get changed in the outdoors – there are no changing room facilities., Please note, on hot days, you may walk up to the top of the canyon in your swim wear as it is too hot to walk in a wetsuit so if you prefer to be covered up, bring a t-shirt and shorts. Please note that whatever you wear to walk into the canyon will need to fit under your wetsuit and will get wet.

What to Bring:

Bring a towel, water and a waterproof camera if you have one! If you plan on bringing a camera, it is a good idea to have it on a cord with a carabiner to attach to your wetsuit so you don’t lose it. There are no shops in the vicinity so if you are coming near a meal or snack time, then bring provisions for before or after your canyon!

Equipment Provided:

Full body canyoning wetsuits with neoprene socks (if required) are provided along with canyoning harness and helmet. The guide will be equipped with a full set of safety ropes and equipment.


Your guide is a UIAGM high mountain guide with a canyoning speciality. He will meet you at the designated parking area and give you your equipment.

You will get changed in the outdoors into your swimsuits and then walk into the canyon (about 20 – 30 minute walk). If you are uncomfortable walking in a swimsuit then bring a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to wear. Please note anything you wear on the walk in will need to fit under your wet suit and will get wet.

Once you arrive at the start of the canyon you will out on your wetsuits. Your guide will give you a safety briefing and then you’ll head into the canyon for some canyoning fun!

At the end of the canyon you end up back at the car park where you’ll get changed back into dry clothes and have a well earned drink and snack!


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