About Canyoning

A canyon is a natural gorge or ‘canyon’, that has been gauged out of the mountain side by water erosion. They come in all shapes and sizes depending on the rock type, steepness, height and the amount of water going down them. They can also evolve quite quickly as time goes on and rocks get moved by heavy waters, holes get filled up or gauged out. 

In general they consist of a series of waterfalls that flow into large pools. Canyoning is an exhilarating journey negotiating the best and most fun route down the canyon! Some waterfalls carve natural tobogans into the rock that you can just slide down, some steeper waterfalls require abseiling down and some have beautiful deep pools at the bottom that you can just jump into and splash about in! 

Choose Your Canyoning Adventure

All these canyoning adventures are bookable online and are our most popular canyons in the Southern French Alps. If you are looking for a more extreme or particular type of canyoning experience not featured here or would like to book a private canyon guide for your group on a particular day, please contact us.

Canyoning Map

Have a look at the location of all the canyons we use on a regular basis. Sometimes we may use different canyons in the area if conditions are not favourable for these canyons, but these are our most popular ones. Our most popular canyons are all bookable online with different time slots available throughout the summer. For some of the more specialist canyons, please contact us to arrange a private guided trip.

What You Need to Know


On all the canyoning trips sold through our website, high quality specialised canyoning wetsuits with wetsuit socks (if required), a canyoning harness and helmet are provided. The guides will be equipped with all the ropes and safety equipment to ensure your fun and safe descent. You just need to wear a swimsuit and a pair of trainers that will get wet. You need proper trainers with a grip on the sole. Neoprene boat shoes are not appropriate as they don’t offer enough protection from the rocks.


All the canyoning guides on our platform are fully qualified UIAGM high mountain guides with a canyoning specialism who are local to the Southern French Alps. This is the highest level of canyoning qualification that exists and being local means they have a much deeper knowledge of the canyons than a seasonal instructor here just for the summer. Our guides inspect the canyons thoroughly at the beginning of every season and monitor them regularly throughout. Your safety is always our top priority.

Best Time of Year for Canyoning in the Alps

The best time of year for canyoning is dictated by the water levels of the canyon and also the outside temperatures. it is possible to go canyoning in cold temperatures and even in winter but this is quite an extreme form of canyoning. Most canyoning takes place from June to September when the temperatures are high, although depending on the weather sometimes canyoning can still be pleasant in May and October. 

Every canyon has an optimum water level which will be reached at different periods throughout the summer season as the high mountain snow melts. Some canyons need to be done at the beginning of the season when water levels are higher and some at the end. We have planned our canyoning calendar with this in mind so if you can’t find a time slot for a particular canyon, it is worth checking out another.

Get a Feel for Canyoning Adventure!

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