About Tree Climbing

Tree climbing is literally just that, climbing trees! Remember childhood adventures exploring the leafy canopy of trees in your neighbourhood?Well, now tree climbing is not just the domain of young children, but a sport in its own right. With the extra protection of ropes and harnesses you can go tree climbing like you never have before. Rediscover the monkey in yourself and climb higher and trickier trees that you would never have dared to as a child and share the experience with your children!

Different species of trees offer different challenges and the beauty of this activity is feeling and navigating your way up them , discovering the nuances and experimenting with different techniques. If you didn’t know the difference between a pine tree and a beech tree before your tree climbing experience, you certainly will afterwards!

You can also extend your tree climbing adventure to include a night in the woods in special tree hammocks or tree tents. A really wild adventure sleeping out and listening the nocturnal animals and birds as they come out at night. In the dark the sounds of the forest become all the more impressive – the perfect way to really get in touch with nature and feel it around you – twiitwoooo!

Choose Your Tree Climbing Adventure

You can book any of these tree climbing adventures online by clicking on the read more buttons on each experience listed below. Or, if you are a group or would like a tailor made tree climbing experience, please get in touch with us and we can help organise something for you.

Tree Climbing Map

Have a look at the location of all the tree climbing locations offered by our activity providers. 

What You Need to Know


The activity providers of all the tree climbing activities on this website provide harnesses and ropes and will set up the tree climbing sites for each session. For the overnights in hammocks or tree tents you will need to bring your own sleeping bag and picnic for the evening but everything else is provided.


The tree climbing instructors used by our activity providers are all fully qualified professionals with your safety as their priority. They will brief you on the different rope safety techniques and survey you to make sure you are doing everything correctly and safely.

Best Time of Year for Tree Climbing in the Alps

You can go tree climbing at any time of year except in the deepest of winter when the trees are covered in snow! In the spring experience the lush new green leaves as they burst into being after the harsh winter. In the summer the cool canopy of the forest is a welcome shade from the hot sun. The best time of year however, has got to be the autumn when the woods become a rich tapestry of red, orange, gold and green glistening in the autumn sun against deep blue skies! 

Get a Feel for a Tree Climbing Adventure!

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