About Horse Riding

Horse riding is a fabulous way to discover the mountains of the Southern French Alps. Trot through the Alpine forests, negotiate little rocky paths winding up the mountains, gallop through the alpine meadows amongst the butterflies and the flowers and canter along the tracks, enjoying the sunshine and being at one with your horse. Sitting up high on horseback is one of the best ways to appreciate the stunning mountain views.

Experienced riders can go for a full day hack through the mountains with a picnic – a fantastic day out with a bit of a ‘trapper’ feel about it ! If you’re a beginner or aren’t sure you can last a whole day in the saddle, you can also go for a half a day trek, or even just a short ride for one or two hours.

Ponies can even be hired out for parents to take younger children on a ride whilst they lead the way holding the reins.

Choose Your Horse Riding Adventure

All these horse riding excursions are bookable online by clicking through to the ride you are interested in.  If you are looking for a particular ride not featured here or would like to book a private horse riding instructor for your group on a particular day, please contact us

Horse Riding Map

Have a look at the location of all the horse riding providers on our platform. We also have contact with other stables if you are interested din a particular location and can’t find a corresponding stables. please just get in touch and we will help you find the right stables for you.

What You Need to Know


Most stables provide helmets and will prepare your horse or pony in advance with saddle and others will allow you participate in the preparation of your horse, especially for full day hacks and longer excursions. It is advisable to wear long trousers, gloves to protect your hands and comfortable clothing for riding and either riding boots, trainers or walking boots. Please check with the specific provider you are booking with to check what you need to wear or bring.


All the riding schools on our platform are fully licensed using qualified equestrian instructors with experience working with horses and ponies in the mountains. We pay particular attention to the way animals are treated when horse riding centres apply to be on our platform, and you’ll only find healthy and well cared for horses.

Best Time of Year for Horse Riding in the Alps

Horse riding is possible nearly all year round. It is just the winter months when the deep snow causes problems for horses. However even during these months some of the horse riding stables  offer horse drawn carriage rides through some of the Alpine villages and ski joering.

The optimum times of year for horse riding have to be the spring and autumn where temperatures are cooler, nature is in either full bloom or preparing for winter with rich autumn colours and there are less people. The warm summer months are also popular for excursions in the mountains away from the scorching sun of the coast!

Get a Feel for Horse Riding Adventure!

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